Groundhog Day Walk 2019

We had one of our most pleasant walks on Groundhog Day. We found 15 of the 16 posts where we plant milkweed seeds and scattered lots more seeds. We also saws lots of rabbit tracks, some lovely songbirds in the trees, and checked out bird houses.

The cold had eased off, and soon as we started walking were were all comfortable and warm.

Nothing like a good, not rushed walk, with nice people in the out of doors.

Boot’s Winter Weeds Walk 12-1-18

Although the group was on the small side (anyone Christmas shopping?) the weather was lovely and the group enjoyed another sparkling Boot Boutwell walk.

Boot’s September 2018 Nature Walk

This walk a particularly fine walk with Boot. At the end, the group really didn’t want to leave! People hung around to chat and trade stories about wildflowers and the outdoors. Boot, as always, was outstanding, entertaining, and educational.

Nature Walk August 4, 2018 with Ted Elliman

The big question was whether it would rain or not: it did! But everyone stuck with it and we walked all around the edge of the playing field and found many plants to talk about. What a hardy group, and thanks to Ted for braving a constant rain.

iNaturalist Walk with Andrea Golden – June 23, 2018

In spite of a bit of rain, we had a great walk, learning how to use iNaturalist from Andrea, and identifying many species of plants and insects. It is also nifty when other iNaturalist member chime in to help you ID a subject. It is a world unto itself, populated by scientists and people who revere nature. Roll over thumbnails or click them to read more about how this works.

Boot Boutwell – April 28, 2018

After a long, cold spring we had a lovely warm day to walk with Boot. While the cold weather kept many flowers from blooming, there was much to see and Boot kept walkers of all ages enthralled with nature and stories and poems.

Bluebird Houses – March 24, 2018

A team of all ages installed 8 bluebird houses in Central Field at Mary Cummings Park on Saturday, March 24th. (We will need to monitor the progress of the houses and may have to evict invasive birds who nest in place of native birds.) Bluebird experts from the area will teach us how to watch over the houses. They also need cleaning after each set of chicks leave the nest, and we may remove them for the winter to reserve them for bluebirds and other warm-weather visitors.

This project was initiated from an idea given to us by our friends at the Wild Birds Unlimited in Woburn and partially funded by a grant from Wegman’s of Burlington.

Bluebird Houses in Central Field: Saturday, March 24, 2018.

Although we have been distracted from our normal monthly nature walks by the unfortunate developments at the Northeastern Campus, we are committed to lots of (roughly) monthly nature walks.

On Saturday, March 24th (postponed due to too much snow!), we will place 8 birdhouses at Central Field. We will put two at each location, which allows aggressive birds to take one, leaving one for bluebirds. See the graphic below for where we are planning to place them.

This project is being done in partnership with Wild Birds Unlimited of Woburn and supported by a grant from Burlington Wegmans.

We are also asking for voluntary donations to cover the total costs.

Come along, help out, learn about bluebirds, meet others interested in them.

The program will run from 10am to noon, and will go ahead unless there is heavy rain. Rain date is Sunday, March 18. Meet at the parking lot at roughly 26 Blanchard Road.

Ticks are not likely this early, but wear DEET if concerned.

The bluebird image above is “borrowed” from Wikipedia’s bluebird article.

Animal Tracking, February 3, 2018

Nick Wisniewski, of Walnut Hill Trackers, lead an enthusiastic group on a walk, including both a group of scouts and folks from Burlington Cable TV (BCAT). In spite of just a bit of icy snow on the ground, Nick gave us much to look for and many insights into the value of tracking.

February 4th Animal Tracking Walk

On Saturday, February 3rd the Walnut Hill Trackers will be back to guide us on another walk. Even when there has been no snow at all, Nick Wisniewski has found and taught us wonderful animal signs in the form of tracks in mud, chewed bark, and scat. But if we are lucky and have fresh snow, it will be even more fun.

You can learn about their wide range of tracking programs at their website.

Park at the soccer field lot at roughly 26 Blanchard Road. If there is too much snow to get into the lot, park across the street and cross Blanchard Road – carefully. Dress for the weather, whatever it turns out to be. Assume it will be WET!

We go ahead in all conditions except heavy rain. We don’t expect ticks in February unless it it one of those 45 degree days and someone gets down into the leaf litter to look at something.