Bluebird Houses in Central Field: Saturday, March 24, 2018.

Although we have been distracted from our normal monthly nature walks by the unfortunate developments at the Northeastern Campus, we are committed to lots of (roughly) monthly nature walks.

On Saturday, March 24th (postponed due to too much snow!), we will place 8 birdhouses at Central Field. We will put two at each location, which allows aggressive birds to take one, leaving one for bluebirds. See the graphic below for where we are planning to place them.

This project is being done in partnership with Wild Birds Unlimited of Woburn and supported by a grant from Burlington Wegmans.

We are also asking for voluntary donations to cover the total costs.

Come along, help out, learn about bluebirds, meet others interested in them.

The program will run from 10am to noon, and will go ahead unless there is heavy rain. Rain date is Sunday, March 18. Meet at the parking lot at roughly 26 Blanchard Road.

Ticks are not likely this early, but wear DEET if concerned.

The bluebird image above is “borrowed” from Wikipedia’s bluebird article.