Boot Boutwell Walk on May 7th

May 7th, 2022, was a bit windy and cool, but Boot led us on a long, splendid walk with lots to see, including a guest appearance by a red salamander (see last two photos in the gallery.) In view of the annual appearance of the wonderful dandelions, I wrote a song to honor them.

A Boot Boutwell Wildflower Walk in July

We were treated to a rare day of perfect weather for this Trustees-sponsored wildflower walk by Boot Boutwell. We had a great group of interested wildflower and Boot fans.

(Captions appear when you roll over the photos, when you click to see photos large, captions are at top left.)

Boot’s Back for May 2021!

We were thrilled that Boot Boutwell was back for another of his popular family-friendly nature walks on May 8. But because of COVID we limited the group to 12. Here are photos from the walk.

Boot Boutwell Walk with the Trustees

Boot gave his first Mary Cummings Park walk for the Trustees on Sunday, January 24th. While it was a cold and blustery day, a hardy group joined Boot for another fascinating lesson in nature.

Boot Walk for November 16, 2019

In spite of cold and wind, we had an enthusiastic group of walkers, eager to be educated and entertained by Boot Boutwell.

Ted Elliman, August 10, 2019

We had another wonderful walk with author Ted Elliman.

This walk does not feature a photo gallery, but we did take lots of video which we will eventually get online!

Boot Boutwell Walk, April 27, 2019

In spite of cold and wind we had a good group and a great walk with Boot. The sun came out and the woods mostly sheltered us from the wind.

Groundhog Day Walk 2019

We had one of our most pleasant walks on Groundhog Day. We found 15 of the 16 posts where we plant milkweed seeds and scattered lots more seeds. We also saws lots of rabbit tracks, some lovely songbirds in the trees, and checked out bird houses.

The cold had eased off, and soon as we started walking were were all comfortable and warm.

Nothing like a good, not rushed walk, with nice people in the out of doors.