How to Build your own Butterfly Garden Here is a step-by-step guide on how to build your own butterfly garden, suggested by a student named Sarah. Thank you Sarah!

New England Grassroots Environment Fund - Through its work, NEGEF specifically seeks to: Help community leaders move single issue, backyard debates to more systemic and long lasting solutions; Provide skills-building opportunities for volunteers and volunteer leaders; Link community based projects with statewide, regional & national efforts.

WREN - (Woburn Residents' Environmental Network) is dedicated to helping Woburn conserve and protect our environment and natural resources. WREN works with neighbors and City officials to promote environmental awareness, support community conservation activities, and implement educational programs that develop a sense of environmental stewardship.

Town of Burlington Conservation Commission and Department - The Conservation Commission was founded in 1966 "for the promotion and development of natural resources and for the protection of watershed resources." Today, the Conservation Commission administers the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act and the associatedĀ Burlington Bylaws. Additionally, the Conservation Commission manages permanently protected open space, calledĀ Conservation Areas.

Burlington R/C Flyers - The Burlington R/C Flyers is a non-profit Radio-controlled model airplane club, formed to foster and promote the sport and hobby of flying R/C models, and is chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA - Charter 1752). The club holds bimonthly meetings, and maintains an airfield at Mary Cummings Park.

Woburn Historical Society - The Woburn Historical Society is made up of community volunteers and attempts to preserve and promote Woburn's rich history through various programs and events. Founded in 2006 as an Ad Hoc Committee of the Woburn Historical Commission (a government body), it is an independent non-profit corporation. The society is open to anyone including non-residents with an interest in local history.

SCI Woburn - SCI Woburn unites dedicated volunteers and community groups to encourage active participation of ALL Woburn residents in the life of our community.

Friends of the Landlocked Forest - Featuring 270 acres of pine and oak forest with a dense blueberry and fern understory, this green space is home to abundant wildlife, including many deer, fox, fisher cats, turkeys and a wide assortment of songbirds, owls and hawks. Walkers, runners, cyclists, snowshoers and cross-country skiers are frequent visitors, and the property offers a chance for people to explore one of Burlington's last remaining forests.

Menotomy Bird Club - A local Birding Club whose members have been documenting bird sightings at the park for many years and have identified over 52 species.

The Massachusetts Butterfly Club -
Members have spotted over 50 species of butterflies in the Park's meadows, out of the 104 seen in the whole of Massachusetts. The club sponsors state-wide butterfly activities to promote education, conservation, interpretation, and fun!

Shawsheen River Watershed Association -
The Burlington side of Mary Cummings Park Park feeds tributaries to the Shawsheen River. The mission of the Shawsheen River Watershed Association, Inc. is as a non-profit all volunteer organization, to protect, restore, and enjoy the Shawsheen River and its watershed. They host many activities to accomplish that mission. They also publish the Shawsheen Trib, a regular newsletter.

Mystic River Watershed Association -
The Woburn side of Mary Cummings Park feeds tributaries to the Mystic River.
The overarching goal of the Mystic River Watershed Association is to achieve "fishable and swimmable water" by the year 2010. To that end, they have three main focus areas: Advocacy, Outreach, and Water Quality Monitoring.

How to Build a Butterfly Garden
Here is a good blog post on how to build your own butterfly friendly garden. They have advice on water, soil, and what plants to plant.


Local Business Friends

WegmansĀ -
Wegmans has donated to us, allowing us to buy new timbers to repair bog bridges in the wetland areas of the park.

Belmont Printing -
"We have become a leader in commercial printing. Over the years we have taken pride in keeping up with the changing needs of our customers. We continue to provide the highest quality printing using only the latest methods and technologies. Our goals are simple, to provide our customers with the best possible service, quality and price in the least amount of time."

Mary Cummings trail sign
One of many trails signs at the park that help visitors untangle the trails