February 4th Animal Tracking Walk

On Saturday, February 3rd the Walnut Hill Trackers will be back to guide us on another walk. Even when there has been no snow at all, Nick Wisniewski has found and taught us wonderful animal signs in the form of tracks in mud, chewed bark, and scat. But if we are lucky and have fresh snow, it will be even more fun.

You can learn about their wide range of tracking programs at their website.

Park at the soccer field lot at roughly 26 Blanchard Road. If there is too much snow to get into the lot, park across the street and cross Blanchard Road – carefully. Dress for the weather, whatever it turns out to be. Assume it will be WET!

We go ahead in all conditions except heavy rain. We don’t expect ticks in February unless it it one of those 45 degree days and someone gets down into the leaf litter to look at something.