Nature Walks

Our nature walk program is on hold. Over this spring, summer, and fall, The Trustees will be doing extensive work in the park to create a new entrance, parking area, and turning many vast tangles of invasive plants into native wildflower meadows.

So this is not the best time for nature walks.

But after the work is done we expect that The Trustees will be starting their own programming at Mary Cummings Park, which means our walks would just make for confusion.

So while we had many wonderful walks, which you can explore in the galleries below, we think it may be time for the next phase for Mary Cummings Park.

Family Coloring Session

August 6, 2016: Coloring Corner at Burlington Town Day

Families learn about Mary Cummings Park and its benefits and kids get to color their own version of our animal,...

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Boutwell July 2nd walk

July 2, 2016: Boot Boutwell

Boot Boutwell keeps his audiences attention with deep knowledge of nature and great storytelling skills.

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June 4, 2016: Poison Ivy Walk with Jon Sachs

A group of walkers learn what is and isn't poison ivy from Jon Sachs, who runs the top poison ivy...

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Boot Boutwell with milkweed seed

Nature Walk November 7, 2015

Boot Boutwell leads another interesting, informative nature walk. Photos by Jack Boudreau.

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