Nature Walks

Our nature walk program is on hold. Over this spring, summer, and fall, The Trustees will be doing extensive work in the park to create a new entrance, parking area, and turning many vast tangles of invasive plants into native wildflower meadows.

So this is not the best time for nature walks.

But after the work is done we expect that The Trustees will be starting their own programming at Mary Cummings Park, which means our walks would just make for confusion.

So while we had many wonderful walks, which you can explore in the galleries below, we think it may be time for the next phase for Mary Cummings Park.

Boot Boutwell

Nature Walk with Boot Boutwell, June3, 2017

Another terrific walk with Boot on a lovely spring day; more great stories and poems. Here are more opportunities to...

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Vernal Pool Walk at Mary Cummings Park

Vernal Pool Walk – May 6, 2017

Matt Burne, co-author of A Field Guide to the Animals of Vernal Pools, led us on a lovely, rewarding walk,...

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VMWare group at Mary Cummings PArk

VMWare Stone Wall Rescue – 4-27-17

A dedicated crew from VMware cleared a long section of badly overgrown stone wall on Thursday, April 27, 2017. We...

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Trustees at Mary Cummings Parkj

Nature Walk with The Trustees, March 4, 2017

A sizable group of hearty people (it was 18 degrees and windy!) joined the March Nature walk with The Trustees,...

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February 4, 2017; Animal Tracking with Walnut Hill Tracking

Nick Wisniewski leads another great walk, finally with some snow. Not much snow, but just enough for Nick to show...

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four corners in Mary Cummings Park

January 7, 2017: Stone Wall Rescue

Despite the snow, we had a great time rescuing a section of wall that was covered with dead trees and...

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December 3, 2016: Inspired by Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor and photography whose work has delighted and inspired people worldwide. He creates works that...

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November 5, 2016: Boot Boutwell, Winter Weeds Walk,

Boot Boutwell entertained and educated a group including grandparents and kids. You can share the walk through the photos and...

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October 1, 2016: Bird Walk with Diana Fruguglietti

This walk was rained out! After the driest summer in years, we got a good soaking on Saturday. We will...

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September 3, 2106: Gerry Kehoe

The September 3rd walk with Gerry Kehoe was a delight for all of us. She showed us many plants, leading...

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