Rainy Saturday

Fall is a rich time of year for color and texture, and a moody, heavy sky just adds to the fun. All of the still photos were taken while the timelapse camera was working, taking over 3,000 images. Near the end, the wacky photograher guy appears for a moment.

The Fog Was Lifting at Mary Cummings Park

Morning fog required a visit to the park, which is always hurried, because you never know how soon the fog will lift. This morning was slow and patient. After we added The Fog Was Lifting, the line from Woody Guthrie’s song This Land is Your Land, it became clear that after years of successful struggle to save it, Mary Cummings Park really is meant for you and me.

The music is by composer David Hilowitz.

Sunset Timelapse, May 22, 2019

All day the striated clouds had been teasing me, so at sunset I ran up to the park and setup the camera… Thank you to Robert Ståhlbrand for his performance of Bach’s Invention #9 in F minor. Sunset at the park is a quiet, spiritual event. As I was taking down the equipment in the near dark, I saw two deer observing me. They decided I was harmless and continued grazing. Their photo is below the sunset.


two deer at Mary Cummings Park

That May 17th Sunset

Lots of folks noticed the nifty sunset after many rainy days. I saw something happening in the sky from my window and ran up to the park…

Dark Skies

Another promising sky with sun and clouds at play turned dark and foreboding, but impressive.

A Monarch Egg Hatches

I took time lapse movies for 3 full days, 24 hours a day, of the monarch egg. And all the roughly 35,000 photos showed the same thing: an egg sitting on a leaf. However, I finally out-waited the egg, and got the time lapse of the caterpillar emerging.

It then went about eating the remaining empty egg, but notice it stopped and “thought” about it twice before finishing. Then it went for a walk before settling down to think about eating some milkweed.

As the video says at the end, “To be continued…” as the caterpillar goes through 5 stages of growth, becomes its chrysalis, and then emerges as the majestic monarch.

A Sunset in Layers

Here is one of those sunsets where clouds at different altitudes flow at different speeds – in different directions. Watch for the tiny, last bit of cloud to skitter across just before it all goes dark.

Time Lapse With Insect

A little bug seems to have been crawling on the front of the lens during the first 45 seconds of this video, which is sort of interesting to watch. Right after the bug leaves the clouds do some very lovely changes in lighting.

Waiting for the Rain

If you watch closely, you can see some raindrops hitting the lens, which I wiped off quickly…