A January Sundown

The nice thing about sundown in the depth of winter is that it is over by 5pm so you can still go home and have dinner, if you have not frozen yourself.

Joe Pye and the Sky

Joe Pye weed creates much of the purple that matches the sky in this video. (Though the invasive purple loosestrife also supplies its purple.) The way the sky and flower colors matched was pretty special to see. Joe Pye weed id popular with many insects and manages to grow to six to eight feet in a single season, from zero. Remarkable plant.

And this video features another wonderful musical track by Fedor Lavrov.

Time Slows Down

Here is one of those sunset moments where, just for a moment, the clouds and sun worked together and created some special painted moments. So in this video we took the liberty of slowing down those moments in order to show them off…

Dance of Sun and Clouds

Here is a particularly lovely late-day video with a special feature: a custom soundtrack created by the talented Fedor Lavrov: he watched the video and worked up an improvised music track for it. We are flattered and pleased that Fedor did this! You can learn more about Fedor and hear more at his website.

Sunset + Afterglow

The sun set in the west, as it tends to do, but the pink sky in the east persisted. More lovely music by Feddy: feddymusic.com./

It was a buggy evening: you can see lots of insect flickering in and out of the video.

Sunset Facing East

Once in a while, all the interesting activity in a sunset is in the East, opposite to where the sun is setting. This is one of those cases. More wonderful music by Fedor Lavrov: feddymusic.com.

You can see a nice couple, Bob and Rose, walking around the edge of the field.

Intensity: A Sunset to Remember

I got caught in a sudden rainstorm with other folks as the sunset roiled, and then morphed into a mostly blue sky at the end…

A One Minute Visit

Here is an actual one minute video that takes you to two meadows of Mary Cummings Park on a perfect spring day with clouds dappling the grass. The birdhouses were meant for bluebirds, but so far only tree swallows have moved in. They are native species, eat insects, and just want to be left alone and for that guy to stop opening the door and ogling the babies. The mother was enormously brave to stay right on the nest when I looked in. (I only go there every 3-4 days, peek in and leave.)