October 2020 Snow!

The pre-Halloween snow storm of 2020 leaf many still green trees wondering what was going on and made for many great photos with fall colors and snow.


Perhaps you were wondering if the recent heavy rains produced a crop of mushrooms at Mary Cummings Park? Or perhaps not. But we were, and on Friday, August 24 we went out looking with camera in hand. The results were pretty spectacular, and all theses images were taken within a few feet of the trails in the deep forest of Whispering Hill Wood. (There are not so many mushrooms in the meadow or wetlands; the forest is the place for them.)

We do not know the identity of a single one of these magnificent fungi, and are a bit too harried to look them up. If you know the species let us know and we will name them properly with common and/or latin names. Meanwhile we will just enjoy their visual splendor in ignorance.

Cummings Farm Historical Photos

These photos are from the family album of Warren Cummings, who still lives across the street from the Cummings mansion and barn. Warren mows Flyer’s Field runways for the model plane fliers and keeps the field from getting overgrown with annual cutting.