Never Give Up On a Sunset

Here is yet another sunset timelapse. You never know how it will turn out. This was not a spectacular sunset, but just before it faded out entirely, a pink cloud showed up and winked goodbye. I actually did a bit of extra work on this one. I shot the entire timelapse as full-frame RAW images, over 2000 of them. I then processed them once for the earlier part of the sunset, then a second time for the dark part. I exported each set of 2000 JPG files, then turned them into sequences in Final Cut Pro. Then I layered one over the other, fading in the one where the pink cloud showed up just before it all went black. I think the operative expression is…”wait for it”.

While I was working on this, I got the message that my niece had her baby, which made me choose a song called Newborn. Plus some night sounds.
This is why we work so hard to save Mary Cummings Park. People go there to watch the sun set over trees, with nary a building in sight.