December 3, 2016: Inspired by Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor and photography whose work has delighted and inspired people worldwide. He creates works that are temporary, out of leaves, stones, ice, and similar materials. You can read more about him in many places online and buy his incredible books on Amazon, among other places. He called his first book “A Collaboration with Nature”, which describes how he works.

We wondered if we could create temporary pieces inspired by his, pieces that would not affect the woods in any permanent way, and that would simply fade away with time. The gallery shows the little works we created on our December 3, 2016 walk.

So our December 3, 2016 Nature Walk was given over to making our own “Collaborations with Nature”. here were the “rules”.

  1. Only use materials you find lying on the forest floor; no cutting down trees
  2. People may work on their own or form teams
  3. People can choose just to watch
  4. We will photograph the results and post them on this site