Vandalism in the Park

There has been regular vandalism in Whispering Hill Woods and Mary Cummings Park over the last years.

But this year it has hit a new level. Signs posts were smashed out of the ground, and thrown into the woods. It appears that they used barbells to break the signs out of the ground and ATVs to move the signs they dislodged around the park.

The Friends of Mary Cummings Park has been taking care of both parks for years, paying for kiosks, signs, and maps from our own pockets and from donations.

If you know who did this, please speak to them or their parents, or identify them to the police.

We will be looking into placing hidden field cameras and working with local police to catch those responsible.

The culprits have a firepit where they go to drink and then vandalize the signs in that area, also filling the area with empty beer and drink containers.

Here is our flyer about this recent round of destruction: