Trustees Entrance Open

Trustees Entrance to Mary Cummings Park

Much of the work to establish the new entrance to Mary Cummings Park has been done: the new parking area is open; the lawn and meadows are planted; trees are planted and being nurtured.

From the parking lot it might look as if much of the land newly cleared – from tangles of invasive weeds, vines, and shrubs – will now be lawn, but from the drone view above you can see that MOST of the new area will be wildflower meadow, a major addition to the spectacular meadow at Flyer’s Field.

The boardwalk is done and it makes a good destination for a short walk and a relaxing visit. The trails to the boardwalk from parking still need work, but you can get there if you wish, even now.

Signs and trail maps are on the way.

The volume of construction was a surprise to many, but now that it is done, nature is quickly filling the area back in with new plants. (Whether the native species will win out over the invasives will be a spectator sport for the next few years.)

This year’s crop of wildflowers in Flyer’s Field has been really astounding. Check back on this website for a video and slideshow of vast sprays of gold and purple.