The Passing of Dave Cummings

Dave Cummings

On Monday, November 16, 2020, Dave Cummings passed away, just a few days after Veterans Day. Dave was one of the founders of The Friends of Mary Cummings Park. He worked hard to re-establish the trails and would often take his chain saw out there to cut trees that had fallen over the trails.

Here is a link to the Della Russo Funeral Home from which you can find a link to Dave’s obituary.

Dave was very proud of his time in Vietnam with the Navy SeaBees, and usually wore a SeaBees hat.

His last years were spent at the Bedford VA, fighting off the effects of the Parkinson’s Disease that he suspected was caused by exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam.

Dave is a member of the greater Cummings family that included John and Mary Cummings. He is a descendent of a sibling of John Cummings.

(Dave’s brother Warren has been cutting the fields and mowing the landing strip for the model plane flyers for decades.)

Here is a video that we did with Dave at the Bedford VA when he was still in great shape and full of stories.