September Sunset Timelapse

Mary Cummings Sky

I often go to Mary Cummings Park just to watch the sun set behind the treeline.

You never know how a sunset will turn out. This one was colorless, but promising, with lots of different cloud systems at work. Normally I bring lots of high end photo gear, but on this day I was replacing old signs with new, and didn’t want the extra weight and hassle of the cameras. So I set up my iPhone on timelapse mode and let it go. I couldn’t actually see the sun when I started the sequence and didn’t realize it was way over on the right, almost out of the frame.

But I watched with some delight as the sunset ripened and became quite spectacular.

And when it was over, and barely light enough to see my way home, I noticed a doe and a fawn grazing in the grass, too dark to photograph. Not a bad evening at Mary Cummings Park, here inside the 95-128 beltway. A miracle, actually.