Rod Flynn Honored by Woburn

Rod Flynn, who with Woburn Resident’s Environmental Network, helped to get our organization launched, was recently honored by the Woburn City Council. Below is the text of their official resolution, which gives you some idea of the depth and breadth of Rod’s contributions to Woburn and beyond. He is a wonderful man. And we could not find a portrait of Rod because he never looks for the limelight so there are few photos of him alone. But here you see him in a series of the endless work projects that he organized and/or participated in to improve the Horn Pond area and Woburn in general.

RESOLVED Whereas, Woburn resident, Rodney W. Flynn, is an active member of the Woburn community; and

Whereas, Rodney W. Flynn is an Angel Volunteer; and

Whereas, Rodney W. Flynn, as a member of the Woburn Residents Environmental Network (WREN), organizes and participates in Horn Pond clean up walks, as well as many other sites throughout Woburn; and

Whereas, Rodney W. Flynn is a member of the Medeiros Recycling group which donates to many Woburn organizations; and

Whereas, Rodney W. Flynn collects money and puts together holiday baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas and donates them to the Woburn Council of Social Concern, Inc., which serves individuals and families from Woburn and Winchester; and

Whereas, Rodney W. Flynn supports Boy Scout Troop 519 with collection of returnable cans and bottles to donate the money to the troop; and

Whereas, Rodney W. Flynn is a local historian; and

Whereas, the City Council of the City of Woburn seeks to publicly recognize Rodney W. Flynn for his commitment, dedication, and many contributions to the City of Woburn;

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved by the City Council of the City of Woburn that the Woburn City Council recognizes the achievements and accomplishments of Rodney W. Flynn, and extends the best wishes in hopes for continued future success.

President Tedesco, Councilor Concannon, Councilor Ferullo, Councilor Campbell, Councilor Gately, Councilor Dillon, Councilor Demers, Councilor Mercer-Bruen, and Councilor Lannan