Park Fans, Summer 2018

at mary cummings park

We run into all sorts of visitors to the park, particularly during the summer, when Flyer’s Field and Central Field put on a spectacular show of wildfowers.

Recently we ran into these two hardy walkers, who had started in Woburn at the soccer field on Cambridge Street, hiked up the steep hill into Whispering Hill Woods, then through Central Field to Flyer’s Field, where I was just releasing two fresh born monarch butterflies. These two fellows have been around Horn Pond and Mary Cummings Park for years, and had many connections to both parks. Great guys, glad to share monarchs with them.

Mary Cummings Park Walkers

Recently, a park visitor was very impressed with the view of Flyer’s Field that she got when she emerged from the woodland trail. She took a photo and sent it to us to share:

Flyer Field at Mary Cummings Park

Speaking of Flyer’s Field, it continues to put on a spectacular show of wildflowers this summer, as does Central Field. These two wildflower meadows are a big part of what makes Mary Cummings Park special. Open meadows are critical habitat for many species, and without beavers to dam up streams, we have few meadows within our reforested New England. Don’t miss the splendor:

goldenrod at Mary Cummings Park