Junk on Muller Road

muller road, mary cummings parlk

One of our board members reports on two rather nasty trash incidents along Muller Road.

The first was seeing a truck driving along and the fellow in the passenger seat throwing used gallon paint cans out of the window, into the woods. There were 10 or more cans tossed. He was not able to catch a license plate number so he just went into the woods and retrieved the paint cans.

The second event was seeing a 10-wheeler truck park right on the road and the driver then taking a stove and small refrigerator from the back of the truck and then heaving them into the woods. Our board member interceded, including calling the police, and got the driver to get help from his headquarters to retrieve the stove and fridge, put them back in the truck and depart.

Mary Cummings Park, particularly along Muller Road, is seen by some as a garbage dump. We will continue to monitor this activity. It seems pretty remarkable that there are some people who see a woodland as nothing but a garbage dump, but that is how it is.

There is also constant tossing of cups, wrappers, bottles and such from cars, which our members take pains to clean up.

Because Mary Cummings Park is not Burlington town property, our Police have limited ability to deal with major trash dumping events, unless the property manager makes a formal complaint.

So our board and other park fans will simply continue to monitor the park for trash abuse and clean it up as it happens.