Butterfly, the Video


In the summer of 2018, your Mary Cummings Park webmaster raised a group of Monarch butterflies from eggs and released them at Mary Cummings Park. Here is how that came about:

1. My good friend Andrea asks if I can raise her monarch caterpillars since she is going away for vacation and I say sure.

2. I learn to raise eggs to caterpillars to chrysalis to butterflies and release them at Mary Cummings Park.

3. I mention this to Vance Gilbert, who asks where the butterflies go and I reply that I don’t know because – I don’t speak butterfly.

4. Vance requests a song by that name and I write one. I like the song.

5. I decide to try AirGigs and have someone wonderful sing it and play it on piano.

6. Liel Bar-Z sings it and Diego Zapatera plays it.

7. I create a video to go with the song. Visuals created in Photoshop, animated in Final Cut Pro X.


For more songs by Uncle Jon, visit his website.