Bat Boxes by an Eagle Scout

Boy Scout Lucas Meyer took on the project of building five tall bat boxes to provide homes for more bats at Mary Cummings Park. Lucas got permission from The Trustees to place the boxes in the park; he raised the money online, and enlisted family, friends, and more scouts to dig the holes and cement the tall boxes into place.

Bats eat huge quantities of mosquitos, so hopefully next season there will be fewer of those pests buzzing around us. Lucas scouted the park for the best 5 locations with Park Manager, Jeremy Dick, of the The Trustees.

In the photo above, Lucas’ Dad, a friend, and two other scouts are lugging the large gas-powered auger over a stone wall to get it where the bat box needed to go.

Below is a gallery of images from the installation on December 4th.

And below that is a video of Lucas on Burlington Cable (BCAT).