Planning Board Meeting on Northeastern Building 5, 3-15-18

NOTE: The building was approved by Burlington and construction is underway. There is no value in trying to influence Northeastern University on this project, but the situation in Nahant is still open and your help there may be appreciated.

The photo above show the already-constructed drone cage that Northeastern University was able to rush through Burlington’s Planning Board before community objections could be raised. (We at the Friends are more than sorry that we took our “eye off the ball” and allowed this travesty to take place.) We show the photo above to demonstrate that NE’s claims of concern and caring for Mary Cummings Park are clearly suspect. This cage was built at the highest point in the park and is visible from much of the park, and now dominates Central Field.

On Thursday, March 15th, the Burlington Planning Board took up the issue of Northeastern University’s proposed Building 5, to which we have strongly objected. Below are two videos: NE’s presentation to the Board of their planned site changes to compensate for the damage the building will do to Mary Cummings Park. The second video is audience responses. (The previous item on the agenda is omitted but can be viewed on the Burlington Cable Access Television site. It deals with the desire by a developer to build a 900+ unit, 6 story rental storage building on the edge of the wetland. You may also wish to learn more about this bizarre project.)

In the first video you will hear the representatives from NE explain how they very much honor and respect Mary Cummings Park, which surrounds their campus on all sides. You will hear them offer two forms of modification to their plans: make the building a lighter color; add benches. You will hear the Planning Board express that while NE is saying the right things, it is not offering to change the site plan in any meaningful way.

In the following video, you will see audience input that further questions NE’s sincerity about respecting Mary Cummings Park.

Anything that you can do to influence Burlington Planning Board not to OK the NE Building 5 plan would be helpful. If you know people at Northeastern, please let them know that NE is causing themselves serious PR problems here in Burlington and in Nahant.