How You Can Help Preserve the Park

Proposed Northeastern Building 5 at Mary Cummings Park

NOTE: The building was approved by Burlington and construction is underway. There is no value in trying to influence Northeastern University on this project, but the situation in Nahant is still open and your help there may be appreciated.

There are many ways you can help us get Northeastern to change their expansion plans, thus preserving the park’s integrity, and protecting the reputation of Northeastern.

It seems that contacting NE President Joseph Aoun may be the most effective way to change their approach to this project. Here is the President’s contact page, with emails for his assistants, a mailing address and a phone number.

Other ideas:

  1. If you are a Northeastern Alum, contact fellow graduates, as well as current faculty and staff and express your concerns.
  2. Contact members of the Burlington Planning Board and Planning Department staff to express your concerns.
  3. Contact your local state rep and senator.
  4. Write letters to local and Boston papers.
  5. Contact friends in media at TV and radio stations.
  6. Come to Planning Board Meetings: we will post the dates of the next meeting here
  7. Learn about the similar situation in Nahant, where citizens are organizing against Northeastern’s plans there.
  8. If you are just too busy for any of the listed activities, you can support us with a donation.

The photoshopped view above is our attempt to represent how the new building may look from Central Field. Below is actual photo of that field as seen in the fall: one of the loveliest vistas in Woburn and Burlington.

Central Field in Mary Cummings Park – Without Northeastern Building 5.