Drainage from Northeastern Making a Mess

drainage construction at Mary Cummings Park

The construction crews at Northeastern University’s expansion project seem to be running major drainage works through the lower part of the park, at the corner of Cambridge Street and South Bedford. Water has been draining into this part of the park for years and now they are dealing with it in some new way.

It appears that they have taken apart the historic stone wall and it is not clear that they will put it back together again. Warren Cummings has been single-handedly trying to repair the lovely stone wall at this corner, but the construction crews have a different idea.

This part of the part is rarely visited, but it does contain the foundation of the great mansion that burned down and the barn that was torn down. We had thought that this could be a good historical site with a few parking spaces.

We were told they plan to plan shrubs of some sort when they construction is complete.

Northeastern will be bulldozing a similar road inside the main park, since they have another drainage easement on the other side. We won’t know the extent of the damage to the park until the work is complete this spring or summer.


drainage construction